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Food Labeling: Food Companies Urged to Simplify Food Date Labels

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The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) – a network of 400 members across 70 countries – has urged food companies to simplify food date labels by 2020 in an effort to reduce consumers’ confusion related to “used/sell by” dates, and to prevent food waste. CGF has, among its members, some of the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world, such as Tesco, Walmart, Target, Campbell Soup and Unilever. In a recent article, they highlighted their project and commitment.

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4 Major Packaging Trends to Follow in 2018!

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Packaging has become, throughout the years, a significant component for manufacturers when it comes to new product development or renewal. It has evolved in several ways; manufacturers uses it as a way to create consumers’ demand and make a product more appealing. Consumers sees it as a way to get more information or quickly define product quality.
Packaging global market keep increasing as specialists expect a growth of 32% until 2021. With an expansion market, consumer changes and new regulations, here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

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PLM ERP – Why Do You Need to Combine Them?

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PLM and ERP are complementary software that works together to ensure the success of a product. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comes first by managing the product development and its processes. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manages the supply chain including the inventory, pricing, and payments. These are used sequentially to provide the most up to date product data at any time.

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FDA all you need to know about the US administration

FDA 101 : All you Need to Know

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If you have already sold products in the United States, you must know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all products containing more than one ingredient. FDA is the authority on product regulations for the internal and external safety of their consumers. They set up rules and make sure they are respected for all products sold within the United States of America and exported abroad.

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