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The main CPG Software

What are the main CPG software?

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The amount of data created by new consumption habits like online purchase and social networking became an important source of information for companies, especially for consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) industries. Companies in these industries needed solutions to store, process, and analyze these data which induced the software industry to thrive.

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Global product management and international strategy

Global product management should not drag your international strategy

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if handled poorly, the transition to international markets can lead to more damages than benefits. There are of course numerous critical aspects (human resources, supply chain, logistics, administrative procedures, etc.) to consider, but we will talk here about what we know best: how a PLM solution helps you build a consolidated global product management.

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Sustainability and water

Responsible consumption of water in product development

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In a previous article, we explained why sustainability is important and presented 5 topics on which companies can still act. Today, we will explore the first one: water. As a matter of fact, it is a key element of formulation and production of product in Food & Beverage and Cosmetic industries.

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different PLM system

The importance of tailoring your PLM system to your industry

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A PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system is a collaborative tool allowing to manage the entire product lifecycle of a manufactured product. If any company involved in product development can use a PLM system, it does not mean that every firm will use the same one. It is essential for a PLM to be designed specifically for the industry it will work for because of the many different challenges various industries face.

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