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Cost time balance in PLM projects

Cost, Time, Scope triangle – The case of PLM projects

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The project management triangle, or Cost, Time, Scope triptych, is a basic, in both fundamental and simplistic meanings, concept of project management. It aims at illustrating the interdependence and influence of those three key factors on the success of the project. However, it remains an interesting macro-concept that will help you shape your PLM project and its priorities.

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Global product management and international strategy

Global product management should not drag your international strategy

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if handled poorly, the transition to international markets can lead to more damages than benefits. There are of course numerous critical aspects (human resources, supply chain, logistics, administrative procedures, etc.) to consider, but we will talk here about what we know best: how a PLM solution helps you build a consolidated global product management.

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Product database PIM PLM ERP

The product database – PLM basics

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You are most likely familiar with the concept of product databases. However, this simple notion raises deeper interrogations. In this blog post, we explore basic product database considerations and business uses. Also discover how we help manufacturers manage their product specifications in order to build end-to-end product information traceability.

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PLM project risks

Major PLM project risks and how to mitigate them – Part 2

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Once the project has been properly set on track, it is important to stay alert to avoid it drifting away. There is considerable literature on project management and project management risks so we decided to focus on what we consider as the most critical when we specifically talk about PLM solution implementation projects. We hope you will keep these red flags in mind as they determine whether the implementation will lead to a sustainable end-user adoption or not.

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