SMBs’ digitalization must also go through PLM adoption

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  • November 25, 2019
Small and Medium sized Businesses - Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

If you are part of the 48% of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) currently planning to begin their digitalization journey or the 36% that are already on the way[1], we guess one of your biggest challenges is understanding and defining your own needs to identify the perfectly-fitting solution.

SMBs’ access to digital solutions

For many years, the software market has been monolithic with big companies dictating what IT priorities should be. They first focused their efforts on the production and marketing chains, promising the best ROIs. ERP and CRM software quickly became the must-have for any average to high-scaled company. Then, the rising of the Software as a Service (Saas) technology and new business models (freemium, out-of-the-boxn on-demand services, etc.) enabled publishers to make these solutions accessible to SMBs. But now that everyone benefits from these tools, the cursor shifts upstream to tackle the challenges of the design chain. In an era of customer awakeness, deep-rooted environmental concerns and an ever-more hectic market, designing well and fast has now become a leverage for competitiveness.

While Product Data Management (PDM) or Product Information Management (PIM) solutions may have been the simplest ways to go because of their first-level features and accessibility, they do not show the same scalabity potential and “constrain the use of new solutions”[2] and technologies.

Groupe Marcelle - an SMB PLM project customer story

PLM cloud-based technology is a competitive asset for SMBs

That is why Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions have become a “business strategy”. A PLM project commits every department of the design chain in a long-term partnership and roadmap of their product development strategy. Contrarily to what many may think, “PLM is not big company biased […], PLM solution providers have many successes with SMBs”. Indeed, SMBs are most likely to have simpler needs, fewer people to train and witness a faster ROI: shorter time to market, better quality products, streamlined collaboration, etc. The software market now offering out-of-the-box solutions perfectly fitting the needs and means of SMBs, excuses such as “It is too expensive.”, “We will only use one feature, it won’t be profitable.” or “This kind of solution is for big companies.” are not valid anymore.

But to step up to their organizational strength, SMBs need to get rid of this fear or apprehension toward digitalization and the change that comes along[3].

˫      SMBs that are born-in-the-cloud (BITC) and mature cloud adopters are developing business process advantages that will be difficult for even SMBs at an intermediate adoption level to overcome.

˫      Overall, SMBs using a holistic approach to digitalization are 52% more likely to reap the seven key benefits than firms in the inclusive or siloed categories

̵        increased revenue

̵        improved profitability

̵        better customer satisfaction and retention

̵        increased sales reach

̵        increased market share

̵        improved upsell/cross-sell

̵        improved brand image

Are you planning an IT project and are you having trouble identifying the right solution? Are you still having difficulties grasping how a a PLM solution can concretely help your teams? Reach one of our experts to fine-tune your needs or schedule a demonstration of Aptean PLM Lascom Edition solution. For 20 years we have supported both big companies and SMBs in their digitalization strategies through the implementation of comprehensive and truly valuable PLM solutions.

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