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Expand product shelf-life and inform consumers with “smart” packaging

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In the food industry, packaging has always been a very important part of the product. It's primary function is to contain and protect food therein, ease storage and transportation and also to communicate and market the product.

With new regulation, packaging must also clearly indicate quality and composition requirements such as ingredients list, allergens and certifications attached to the product, depending on local, national and global regulatory requirements.

Economic downturn and harsh competition make food manufacturers focus on innovation. R&D teams are always thinking of new formula, new concept, new size etc. Innovation is the best way to differentiate, keep margins high and expand market shares. Product innovation is also about packaging.

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Software Adoption n with suppliers

Why improving collaboration with suppliers is so important?

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To overcome today’s challenges, smart retailers are taking a more focused look at collaborating with their supplier, seeing them as partners. A successful retailer-supplier collaboration can help smooth pressures along the product lifecycle. A strong partnership brings products to market faster, reduce costs, increase sales and market share, while maximizing ROI for both parties.

Main reasons to improve collaboration are:

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Improve Food and Beverage manufacturers and retailers allergen management

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More than 200,000 emergency visits are due to Food allergies each year. Up to 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, affecting 1 in every 13 children under the age of 18 and bringing the economic cost of children's food allergies alone to an estimated USD 25 billion per year*.
The increasing volume of recalls due to raw ingredient allergens is alarming. Inconsistent use of allergen risk communication, such as the clear declaration of the presence of allergens on labels, contributes to consumer confusion on what is safe to eat and drink


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