Packaging Management: The PLM

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  • July 4, 2016
Packaging communicates important information about the product to its consumers.

Packaging Management: The PLM

A Key Solution to optimizing your graphic Chain

Sight is one of the most important senses that we possess. And the way things look such as the graphic design of the packaging of items- whether in the sector of cosmetics, food, or household appliance- has a large impact on the consumer both due to the fact that it is what you see before the actual product but also due to the information which could be on the package. However, managing and optimizing your graphic chain isn’t always easy.

Some of the problems your company could be facing are:

  • The comparison of the initial and final version of a project
  • Falling behind on tasks
  • Having the latest version of your graphic model
  • Visualizing the progress of your project
  • Whether or not the graphic file has been verified

However, with the Packaging Module, you now possess a solution to these challenges. A collaborative platform that optimizes the graphic chain and facilitates the exchanges between various internal and external collaborators. The packaging module is based on a proven workflow engine that will be an essential tool to help you with your artworks from design to completion.

Some benefits from this module are the centralizing of documents as well as the control of modifications, the gain of responsiveness and the reduction of validation cycles, and the control of your products.

These benefits are attained through the Packaging Module which centralizes all your files into a single repository and conserves the history of all your graphic files, therefore increasing organization and reliability as well as being able to plot important data for the product.

In a fast paced society, it is important save time and have a responsive cycle. The module will facilitate exchanges, control checks and validation cycles, and optimize processing of exchanges and the monitoring of providers in order to keep the cycle flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Last but not least, having visibility over the entire graphic chain and using tracking features such as a Gantt chart, indicators and dashboards will help you control your projects which is an essential part of any company.

The PLM Packaging Module is a changing factor for your company and your products because when you produce something that needs to be visually pleasing as well as communicate information to consumers, you want it to be beneficial and problem free.

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