Improve traceability with a PLM solution

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  • May 25, 2016
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Food safety is one of the most significant issues for consumers in developed countries. Producers, manufacturers or retailers must be able to provide accurate and verified document regarding food sourcing, material flow and traceability. Producers require traceable ingredients and a strong environmental control throughout the manufacturing process. Each link of the process chain has to be able to track where the products are from and then react efficiently in case of a recall or customer inquiry. If not, their image can be damaged and thus their revenue or even existence can suffer from their lack of traceability. For instance, Spanghero, a famous meat producer, collapsed after the “Horse Gate” scandal which appeared in Europe last year.

For instance, Lascom F&B PLM software allows manufacturers to find out all products containing poultry from England in few clicks … no waste of time/money/energy and as the results are automatically generated, it is also safer than doing it manually.

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