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Business risks in product recalls

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Traceability is complex and challenging. Everyday, product recalls occur due to quality and sanitary issues.

A product recall is damaging for a company as well regarding its brand image as consumers' confidence in its products. Product recalls are also expensive operations; considering both direct impacted losses and future indirect losses. When a sanitary alert or quality default has been identified, short term actions are crucial. Knowledge of the recalled products is very important. Being aware of the products origins, the batch number, the stock location, and the distribution channel used are key elements when a recall appears. A clear accurate and up to date traceability process is a way to reduce quality problems and better manage a recall.

This graphic shows the risks and impacts companies are most afraid of when recalls occur:


risks and impacts in products recalls

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Rfi & Lascom

RFI, LLC selects Lascom to better forecast new product costs

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RFI, LLC, U.S developer of natural innovative ingredients, selects Lascom to better forecast new product costs while innovating and easing certification processes

Lascom today announced that its CPG Solution has been selected by field-to-formula driven, natural products company, RFI, LLC to facilitate its demanding certification process and assist R&D teams in new product development.

San Diego, September 22, 2015 Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage new product development (NPD), product specifications consistency and product lifecycle (PLM).

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Food and Beverage manufacturers common issues

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High pressure for food & beverage businessHigh pressure for food & beverage business

F&B manufacturers are under a lot of pressure from consumers, retailers, suppliers and regulators.

From consumers

Consumers want more variety, as well as healthier and better tasting foods, and they want these higher-value products for the same price.

Demand for increasingly healthy diets is also driving consumers to pay more attention to food labels. Almost 70% of consumers said they would choose a healthier option in a supermarket, especially if it was clearly labeled as such.

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Manage customers’ complaints

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By speaking out when they believe they have not received their money's worth, consumers give businesses an opportunity to correct the immediate problem and restore goodwill. Experience shows that consumers who complain about products and services continue to frequent the businesses and buy the products they complain about if they believe the complaint was resolved fairly.

When consumers send a complaint to retailers, they expect a follow-up with some sort of claim traceability.

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Improve Food and Beverage manufacturers and retailers allergen management

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More than 200,000 emergency visits are due to Food allergies each year. Up to 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, affecting 1 in every 13 children under the age of 18 and bringing the economic cost of children's food allergies alone to an estimated USD 25 billion per year*.
The increasing volume of recalls due to raw ingredient allergens is alarming. Inconsistent use of allergen risk communication, such as the clear declaration of the presence of allergens on labels, contributes to consumer confusion on what is safe to eat and drink


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PLM evolves to better fit Food and Beverage companies’ needs

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When productivity is not enough to drive companies margins anymore

Challenges change, so does PLM. PLM evolves to overtake standard productivity, quality and collaboration challenges and provide a strategic vision to management teams. Projects must be seen as part of a portfolio to deeply enhance business margins and remain competitive on a tighter market. PLM offers a solution to better gather data from the whole company.

strategic vision PLM - Lascom Solutions

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Cosmetics and personal care : how PLM solution assists companies with daily challenges?

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To remain competitive, personal care and cosmetics professionals have to be extremely aware of new trends and boost their innovation processes. Reduced time to market, ineffective collaboration, out of date product information, lack of traceability are even worse in this market segment than in any other one.

To benefit from competitive advantages on the marketplace, more and more companies implement PLM suite to assist them in their products lifecycle and management processes. A PLM is a powerful tool to help companies with daily challenges.

Cosmetics and personal care


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