PLM for Cosmetics: Why Do You Need to Invest?

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  • April 3, 2018
PLM cosmetics solution

Cosmetic manufacturers and brands are subject to regulations requirements that are more and more strengthened all over the world. Cosmetic businesses more than ever, must optimize their innovation process to face:

  • A fast-growing competitor landscape
  • Shortened product lifecycle due to seasonal constraints
  • Increasing product development costs
  • Higher consumer expectations
  • Fast-evolving technologies

How a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution can help cosmetic businesses to remain competitive and innovative?

A PLM is a software designed to help you throughout the whole product lifecycle and especially during product development phase. From the product brief expressed by the marketing team to the packaging design including formulation, compliance, collaboration with partners, document and task management, etc. A PLM software covers each stage of new product development and helps you to innovate and maintain your competitive advantage.

Using a PLM software will significantly speed up product time to market, increase your team productivity while making sure to screen associated risks.

  • Speed up time to market and product innovation
    • A tool dedicated to new product development enhancing innovation
    • A solution organized by product assortment
    • Packaging design made simple thanks to a dedicated artwork tool
  • Improve teams productivity
    • Master product portfolio with centralized data and documents
    • Automatically generate labelling in different languages to facilitate your expansion
    • Ease collaboration with supplier and partners throughout the product lifecycle
  • Increase customers loyalty
    • Optimize product tracking and quickly react to safety alerts and customers’ complaints
    • Make sure your products are compliant and safe for consumers – PIF, SDS, etc.
    • Full product traceability and quality control

Cosmetics PLM solution : what does it means in terms of features?

  • Dematerialize technical files and gather documents together allowing fast and automated updates
  • Control and optimize New Product Development (NPD) process
  • Ease communication with partners through a dedicated portal integrated within your PLM software where they will be able to add and update raw material specifications, etc.
  • Track project progress, step by step
  • Give proper access depending on role to users
  • Gather information and generate compliance dossier
  • Facilitate packaging design and implementation
  • Optimize product formulation
  • Manage allergens and country-specific regulations
  • etc.

You want to know more? Download our cosmetics PLM brochure or request a demo with one of our expert. Cut your costs, reduce risks and speed up your time to market with Lascom CPG, a solution designed just for you.

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