PLM: A software package suited to SMEs and major accounts

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  • September 21, 2016

Naturally, the more the organization of a business is complex, the more the implementation of a PLM may encounter difficulties. However, above all else, the inertia of the company and the resistance to change is what can create a real challenge for PLM projects. This is often reinforced by the desire to enter the PLM into all the practices and processes. Which can be a very time-consuming approach and can sometimes cause a project failure. SMEs are usually more able to adapt their practices (keyword: usually). Not only due to their size but also due to the interests they identify in the capitalization of good practices and the business methods that the publisher can bring.

SMEs are well aware of what they have to gain by implementing a PLM “profession” in order to recover both the technological aspect and also the methods capitalized through previous clients of the solution. Indeed, the implementation of a PLM is also an opportunity to step back on the processes and company procedures to sort between useful practices and being integrated into the tool and those more who are more “historical” without real benefits. Taking a step back and gaining a new perspective will facilitate the PLM project while allowing the company to clarify its internal and external processes. And as you can imagine, this sorting is often easier in a small structure where decisions are facilitated in large groups where the interlocutors and decision makers are more numerous.

Through these points, we notice that we don’t even speak of “packaged” solutions, PLM projects of SMEs are not necessarily functionally more limited than those of larger groups (even though this is sometimes the case), because the main reason is the ability for them to change and adapt. It nevertheless remains, that solutions offering a turnkey approach can have a real interest through the practices they bring.

When the editor or integrator comes before his client by asking, “What solution do you want?” without positioning himself as a provider of methods and advice, the project does not start on the right foot.


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