How to Effectively Manage Customer Complaints

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  • August 16, 2016

Every business should be listening to its customers in order to react quickly to any problems with their products.

A defective product or health or sanitary alerts are significant problems that require rapid and even an immediate response as well as an effective treatment.

Moreover, incidents arising from electronics (without causing significant harm) or a food scandal can quickly affect the image of a product- as well as the company that it is representing- to the public.

With that in mind, the claims management process is essential.

The customer complaints management process will automatically trigger all actions that will enable the following of all notified problems in a standardized and secured way.

When a company or a distributer sends a complaint to its supplier, they do not simply wish for them to correct the error quickly. They want the cause of the problem to be remedied as well so that it does not happen again. In practice, written exception reports within a document are usually rarely dematerialized, which prevents the consolidation of nonconformities and the implementation of preventative and corrective actions.

To remedy this, Lascom offers its complaint management module which can:

  • Treat customer complaints,
  • Manage non-conformities,
  • And develop indicators and tracking tables.

Companies must have the ability to deal with complaints in a manner that is transparent and fully documented for both parties.

All managers should be constantly informed of the current treatment plan until the problem is resolved and until preventive actions have been taken. Until the final stage, the system should monitor progress and send messages for exceeding deadlines to ensure the full process is reliable and consistent.

Thus the implementation of a Lascom PLM solution will enable companies to:complaint management

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