What Solution to Accelerate Your Product Development?

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  • July 11, 2016
Regulations in product development

Today’s society is characterized by competition, regulation, and demands. With the ever changing economy and internationalization, the pressure on prices continues to increase and this is no different for the food industry.

The Agro-Food companies face several challenges:

  • A complex network of collaborators and suppliers
  • Managing a large Amount of complex data from import and export to prices and marketing
  • Controlling the risks of an ever accelerating product development in order to conform to regulations across countries and maintain traceability

Fortunately, there is a solution to these challenges:

The Food PLM Solution is ideal to manage your developmental processes as well as maintain the whole life cycle of your agro-food products. This central and collaborative solution for companies allows you to structure as well as manage and audit data and documents associated with the products.

With the PLM solution you will have a gain in productivity, strategic gains and an increased quality.

Your gain in productivity will be attained through the single entry of information and the reduction of internal and external exchange cycles which promote organization and a single version of the truth. Moreover, the automatic generation of documents associated with the products such as a list of ingredients, nutrients, health benefits or potential allergens will also benefit to the productivity of the company and its product.

Strategic gains are not negligible when a company is thinking about its future in the sector. Naturally, supervising the product development and launch, controlling its costs, and an accelerated decision cycle are key factors acquired with the PLM solution. From a strategic stand point the PLM solution has even reduced the time-to -market by 30%- which can certainly not be something that can be overlooked.

Quality over Quantity- but what if with the benefits and organization of the PLM info graphic PLM solutionsolution, you could have both?

Well by managing the impacts of developments, reducing errors, and simplifying the management of health alerts as well as ensuring the compliance with regulations the company saves a lot of time all the while maintaining an attractive product for the consumer- in fact reducing the time spent on quality checks by 30%.

In a world where the food industry is constantly changing, it is important to stay on top of things, and the PLM solution is the solution for any Agro-Food Company.


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