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Case Study: How to optimize the cycle of innovation and production in the dairy sector?

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Let’s take the example of the French industrial specializing in desserts grouped under the name “Yoghurt”. In this industry, there are many ingredients for a product, and there is, therefore, a lot of information necessary for R&D to be calculated such as for example nutritional value and the cost which is why a PLM solution is essential to keep everything clear and on track.

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Facilitating the exchange between manufacturers and suppliers.

PLM in Agribusiness: Facilitate the Collaboration Between Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Communication between the manufacturers and the suppliers is crucial for the development and survival of a product. This is accomplished through having the PLM which in the end facilitates that necessary exchange. The Supplier Portal increases the trace ability and control of the information and data in order to have a better distribution and manufacturing of the product.

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From the idea to the product: Observe innovation as a global cycle

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Due to consumer demands companies need to be able to manage their innovation projects and profit from the experience of past innovations to renew their product portfolio as often as possible. By observing the innovation as a global cycle, companies can view their project from idea to product as a cycle with individual steps that can be reproduced and used as experience for future projects.

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