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PLM_ERP_Blog post

Why do you need a PLM in addition to your ERP?

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PLM and ERP are complementary software that works together to ensure the success of a product. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comes first by managing the product development and its processes. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manages the supply chain including the inventory, pricing, and payments. These are used sequentially to provide the most up to date product data at any time.

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Product portfolio calculation

A focus on the mass calculation of a product portfolio

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Whether it’s reconditioning a product, adding a promotion, promotional gift or change of supplier, these modifications are permanent on any product. Needless to mention that all of these are necessary for a product to continue to evolve with the times as well as continue to meet regulation requirements. And in the food sector, with prices that are particularly volatile, products require regular updating.

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Technical Reference- Steering evolution is necessary

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In one of the first articles of the blog, we emphasized the importance of managing the evolution of data and thus having a dynamic vision rather than static information. Since the subject has recently returned repeatedly during discussions with prospects and customers, let’s put it to the agenda of the PLM blog.

Many people think that to manage products, systems, or infrastructure, all you need is a repository for a “data warehouse” to centralize all the documents and all the data.

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