4 major cosmetic trends to follow in 2018!

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  • October 4, 2017
cosmetic beauty trends for 2018

Innovation is constant in the Cosmetics industry. Brands have to renovate their products to continue being in line with consumer demands. Consumers are getting more and more attentive to quality, effectiveness and immediate results.

In 2018, industry specialists have identified a few major trends to keep an eye on. Discover 4 of them in the following article.

1st Cosmetic innovation :  Crystals, celestial and otherworldly products

The need for different seems to be a growing demand of consumers of the cosmetics industry. In the past year, the latest innovation of cosmetic products is strong bold colors not usually used in cosmetics such as purple and green.

This new trend puts forth crushed crystals in cosmetics promoting glow and shimmer. It also puts forth crystal infused products for those looking for new creative and powerful products that are more than simply plant based. The crystals are used as ingredients in cosmetics due to their high refractive index producing more shimmer and shine, the celestial and otherworldly products are the themes portrayed by companies to bring that sense of different and magical. The idea is that these products have that extra bit of magic that will change your beauty routine.

2nd Cosmetic innovation : Instant Beauty Skincare

Probiotics are the latest innovation for skincare. A probiotic is a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties. Consumers are becoming interested in probiotic microbes and bacteria in order to have immediate results. Not surprising in an environment where things are becoming more and more requested to arrive instantly.

That is why Dermo cosmetics is a new opportunity for cosmetic brands, as it fills the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Dermo cosmetics bring together dermatology and cosmetics by using a more medical approach to skin health and beauty. They usually protect from UV radiation to reduce skin aging and pollution by using SPF, Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory products. Dermo cosmetics also hydrate the skin by using Amino Acids and Minerals all in the goal of preventing premature aging.  Dermo cosmetics are a branch in the cosmetics and the dermatology industry that has appeared fairly recently as pollution and UV radiation skin degradation has become more prominent. This is a growth opportunity for companies that manufacture high quality and high performing products.

3rd Cosmetic innovation :  Synthetic ingredients to protect animals

Consumers worldwide are more conscious than they ever have been before about the impacts of the products they have on the environment and on society. Today, they are making choices on what they buy based on raw materials and origins like never before.

Due to these variables, the industry has turned to avoiding animal-derived ingredients by developing natural materials that reproduce conventional materials all the while surpassing them in terms of performance.

These choices can be extremely interesting to manufacturers:

  • Businesses will be able to rely on the availability and a constant level of quality.
  • Sustainable raw materials do not impact the ecosystem and environment.
  • The technological advantages allow synthetic materials to be adapted to be more efficient compared to traditional materials.

4th: Cosmetic innovation :  More and more product for Men’s beauty

Certainly, one of the largest trends that will be seen in the next year is the growth of the Men’s Market which has already gotten much bigger and broader. It is projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020 according to Euromonitor. Where the growth from shaving products and fragrances were valued at $17.5 billion in 2015. Its largest market was western Europe at $12.4 billion in 2015 and the Asia Pacific is the market with the highest growth with a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%.

Starting with unisex products the market has been expanding to reach more consumers by giving them more options that serve what they are interested in. The male grooming market has gone beyond the basics of shaving and fragrances as more and more attention is given to appearance giving rise to male-specific skin care and hair care products.

Not only products have to be designed to be adapted to the male market but even stores such as Macy’s and Nordstroms have optimized their floor plans to meet male grooming needs.

Several major brands have already developed their own product range for men, as:

  • Axe, Lynx, and Ego brands of the Unilex company,
  • Biotherm Homme brand from cosmetic world leader L’Oreal
  • Clinique for men brand from Clinique,
  • Gilette by Procter and Gamble,
  • Kiehl’s by world cosmetic leader L’Oreal
  • Neutrogena men by Johnson& Johnson,
  • Nivea Men by Beirsdorf

Startups want a part of the cake as well, such as:

  • The Dollar shave club, offering a monthly subscription service delivering high-quality shaving razors and shaving products.
  • The Man Company, offering all grooming essentials from shave products to oils.
  • Bevel, also offering in-depth shaving products for all skin and hair types.

To conclude, the cosmetic industry is always changing and attaining new levels of innovations. As seen in this article, it continues to reach new boundaries and needs for its consumers.

Technology, R&D, and innovation are the heart of the cosmetic industry. They are the tools that develop solutions for products to not only be environmental and ethical but also give consumers high-quality performing products with the best possible materials.

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