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  • June 28, 2017
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Although some trends show an increasing drive towards new and evolved products, other trends show the benefits of going back to foods used in the past. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 Culinary Forecast, ancient grains are one of the most sought after items in the pantry. Although these have been popular for the past several seasons, the trend is becoming even more popular the rise in health and artisanal orientated diners.

Some of the more popular food items in this category following the trend are non-wheat noodles, farro, black/forbidden rice and leading the trend, quinoa. Much like the gluten-free or sugar-free trends that we have noticed develop over the past few years, the Ancient grains trend has a few health benefits to go along with it:

  • High levels of protein in comparison to durum wheat
  • Plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • High amount of fiber
  • Some of these are gluten free, which is very appealing to those with celiac disease

Most of these grains can grow with less use of pesticides and fertilizers than normal wheat. These crops also usually require less irrigation making them eco-friendly from their reduced carbon footprint.

Even the way these grains are being served is evolving. One of the trendiest and yet simple dishes for the upcoming year is Avocado on toast that can be mixed with several different spices and proteins. Making a popular comeback as well are bread baskets which can be served also in several different manners and handmade pasta along with quinoa salads.

With this new trend and the introduction of these new – yet ancient- grains into more and more meals, there will be new regulations and changes to these products that will need to be monitored. Whether to formulate new products to benefit from the new trend or to formulate existing products, a tool is needed to make sure everything is managed efficiently.

Lascom CPG provides formulation software helping R&D and Quality teams to formulate products efficiently. Software that is much needed because of the addition or change of ingredients to a product formula, results in an update to the nutritional labeling, ingredient labeling, allergens, cost, and any other piece of information in relation to it.

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