What you need to know about upcycling

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  • February 13, 2017

Upcycling is the new trend that epitomizes Antoine Lavoisier’s famous quote:

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”

Doing something new with the old has created a real network of DIY and videos to be able to reuse and upcycle. In order, to sublimate the old to make a superior product. Literally, upcycling is a term designating the action of recycling materials or products whose use has reached the end of life and to upgrade it. Creating a second life for these products.

Is upcycling a new way of differentiation for companies?

This trend was first taken up in the world of fashion and decoration. But today this concept goes much further. Since the professionals of the food industry and the supermarkets are more and more interested in it. Of course, you can’t always change a product, but you can always renew its exciting features with new packaging.

Moreover, various packaging innovations have already been born in the world of cosmetics. More and more brands are using this concept by proposing to their customer a double functionality of the packaging of their product. As for example, the box of a perfume can be made into a jewellery box.

Packaging: a strategic tool for companies

Today, it is not uncommon for an innovation to concern only the packaging of the product. Packaging has become a real strategic selling tool for companies. It can alone make a product successful or not. Many MDD (Distributor Brand) products find their strength in the creation of modern, aesthetic and customised packaging to differentiate themselves from the clean brands. The packaging of a product is one of the decisive buying factors for the consumer. And with the rise of packaging “upcycling”, “intelligent” or “connected”, it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the aesthetic and functional aspects of packaging, regulatory obligations must also be respected. It is therefore not enough to simply have an attractive packaging but to have the tools adapted to recover all the information necessary to the creation of a conforming packaging. Packaging is a concentrate of know-how involving many intermediaries during the various phases, from design to printing.

Aware of the problems of CPG professionals, Lascom proposes its Packaging function.

Designed to handle packaging innovation in its entirety, this new functionality manages all characteristics and requirements related to packaging (such as dimensions, choice of materials, etc.) and associated documents. But also, it optimizes the process linked to the graphic chain by managing the flow of exchanges and data of the Artwork involved such as; visuals, layers of impressions, choice of colours, etc..

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