How to Design, Develop and Launch new products with speed

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  • January 25, 2017
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Creating and launching products remains one of the main growth strategies for small and large companies. The aim of these companies is obviously to be innovative, attractive and become or maintain the status of  market leaders.

To differentiate themselves from competitors, agri-food manufacturers must be able to effectively manage the development of new products. It is just too simple to get lost in documents, processes and technicalities. And for that, they will need to bet on a PLM solution.

When managing agri-food products, the PLM software will allow you to have an overview of  different aspects such as the schedules required to monitor the progress of tasks that are either completed, ongoing, future, delays, etc. Or have access to different comments, exchanges, and deliverables which are essential in order to master the risks and in order to effectively carry out the launch of new products.

It is with this in mind that Lascom CPG offers the Business module, capable of:

  • Mastering compliance with schedules
  • Supervise the development process and product launch
  • And Improve collaboration between the different departments of the company (marketing, R & D, quality …)

By consolidating this information and providing a report that integrates the “big picture”, the module guarantees the success of your company’s projects as well as the cohesion of the teams involved in the products development.

There isn’t anything that says speed and efficiency like an organization and a global view. Just as it is true in normal everyday life it’s also true for product development and large scale companies, no more mess, means way less stress.

Discover Lascom CPG: the 100% PLM solution dedicated to agri-food industries.

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