Staying innovative and competitive in the cosmetics industry

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  • December 28, 2016

It’s a fact.  You notice new products every day. And that is simply because of one thing. Innovation.

Innovation is the one reason for which people are creating products you haven’t even thought of having yet. Why there’s always a new color for something or a new purpose.  The possibilities are endless.

Every company must be constantly listening to new trends in order to remain competitive. And innovation has always been the driving force behind the cosmetics sector. It not only concerns product development but also marketing strategies.

One of the major challenges in this race for innovation and improvement is to take into account all the regulatory requirements that accompany the cosmetics sector.

In the European Union alone, in order to market a new product, regulations require:

  • The creation of a product information file (PIF)
  • Assessment of the safety of the cosmetic product
  • The designation of a responsible person
  • Labelling of nanomaterials
  • The CPNP notification (European Commission)
  • Free movement and ban on animal testing
  • Labelling rules on the container and packaging

Innovation changes everything. Changes mentalities, society, looks, etc. It’s the reason why the human race isn’t still cutting food with rocks.  And it isn’t something that happens slowly as many may think. It is fast paced, snapping its fingers for more, more, more.

Can you keep up?

For more information on how to innovate your product and stay in line with the regulations in correlation with the cosmetics industry and how Lascom Solutions  can help you manage this fast paced race, watch the following video:


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