Technical Reference- Steering evolution is necessary

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  • October 18, 2016

In one of the first articles of the blog, we emphasized the importance of managing the evolution of data and thus having a dynamic vision rather than static information. Since the subject has recently returned repeatedly during discussions with prospects and customers, let’s put it to the agenda of the PLM blog.

Many people think that to manage products, systems, or infrastructure, all you need is a repository for a “data warehouse” to centralize all the documents and all the data. That’s certainly the first step, but it’s far from being enough. In fact, the primary need for industrialists is primarily related to the management of the evolution of data and products more than it is to have a static view of this data.

In the sectors of industry and construction, everything is about “movement” and evolution (innovation, development, change, etc.). A technical reference is not meant to be a virtual archive room. What matters is not the “picture data” but their creation and evolution over time.

Effectively managing change involves having a vision of the environment of each piece of data:

In order to effectively steer the developments throughout the life cycle, you must not only manage the technical data but also the links between the different elements and the entire modification process (decisions, actors, impacts, etc.). In fact, the data of the products are so linked that any change to any element can have impacts throughout the entire chain.

To optimize the dynamic tracking of products, we must make an environmental vision linked to each data. This is where we see the functional limits of simple document management– data that can handle the states but ca not bind the elements together and follow patterns, consequences, and impacts of the amendments (the “Why, What, Who, How to”.).

Effectively managing change is more complex than we would first imagine it to be.

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