What are the stakes for the Agro-Food industry in 2030?

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  • July 26, 2016
Future Food

The agricultural and Agro-Food industry are sectors that will be present and important in the future due to the population growth and the increase in cost of primary materials -between now and 2030 –  which will not be ceasing any time soon.

In 2030, our food will be both very natural and at the same time complemented by a range of highly technological and artificial products.

Faced with these new food trends:

  • Traditional brands need to use subcontractors they have not yet thought of and do not know of today,
  • The regulations need to adapt and become increasingly sophisticated in order to meet the complexity and security needs. Furthermore, the consumer expectations for the quality and transparency of the product are growing year by year.

These issues disrupt the value chain, and cooperation will be the norm in innovation.

France- which represents only 3.8% of world production today- remains a leader with its brand image of its “haute” cuisine and its excellent craftsmanship. It is likely that opportunities related to innovation will -in the years to come -make the French IAA take significant market shares and a comparable development that has allowed it to succeed in wines and spirits, which France currently remains world leader in for exports. The “Made in France” and French IAA capacity to innovate are clear elements of differentiation and decisive competitive advantages.

The 2014 KPMG VALORIAL survey reveals that nearly 55% of French companies innovate in the food industry, but only 42% consider innovation as a separate business strategy.

To differentiate it will have to work on both the brand, innovation and internationalization, which will become very complicated for those companies that have simple volume strategies.

As a publisher- Lascom is well positioned for export-Lascom the company is now present in the heart of the value chain, “innovation, regulation,and internationalization”.

Today, far too many of the agro-food industry enterprises and consumer goods underestimate the potential impact of IT solutions.

In the face of strategic challenges of the coming years such as innovation, internationalization and regulations, having a global vision of its information system becomes a necessity for the agro-food industry.

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