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3 tips to better manage allergens

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  • October 8, 2015

allergensWith more than 50 million Americans having some kind of allergy, food and beverage manufacturers need to ensure they have a comprehensive program in place to control allergens within their products.

For instance, mislabeled allergens are one of the most common recalls and can have consequences if not properly controlled. While 90% of allergic reactions can be attributed to 8 types of food—eggs, milk, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy—there are other less common allergens that consumers are concerned with.

A comprehensive supplier relationship

Having a comprehensive supplier approval and management program will assist in ensuring that all incoming commodities, ingredients, products and materials have the same strict control measures that manufacturers require internally to reduce the risk of an adverse situation. It is crucial to have an honest relationship with suppliers, effectively collaborate with them and to have a good understanding of their products.

Effective process within facilities

R&D,Quality,, production and management should be aware of allergen risks and know how to handle products. It is important to carefully follow the process to be able to fully inform consumers about allergens and traces contained in products.

Provide accurate allergen information on-pack

  • Quality professionals: Quality teams should develop written policies and procedures addressing allergen control and management. For example, some businesses voluntarily identify and display allergens on label even though it is not required by local regulations. Benefiting from a robust allergen control is also useful in case of audits and traceability recalls.
  • In-store consumers: Ensuring that products are properly labeled so that all ingredients are listed out and allergens are highlighted makes it easier for the food handler or consumer to recognize possible allergens.

Lascom is a PLM software designed to assist Food and Beverage businesses in their daily tasks. The solution provides features such as:

  • A supplier portal, to better collaborate with suppliers. Suppliers can directly input raw material and ingredient specifications on the platform through dedicated access rights. They can specify if any material has allergens or attached certifications.
  • An efficient formulation module, to facilitate R&D teams job. The tool automatically calculates costs, weight, nutrition information and risks – including allergens – for each formula. It also offers the option to display or not nutrition claims regarding formula content.
  • A unique repository, to benefit from a “single version of the truth”. All data and documents such as certification for instance are stored on the platform. Searches and audit, whether as part of an operating quality procedure or in emergency situations such as product recalls and health alerts, are considerably easier.

To learn more about allergens management, labeling and quality, click here

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