Case Study: How to optimize the cycle of innovation and production in the dairy sector?

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  • February 19, 2019
Dairy sector and PLM

Today, I decided to look at the product management in the dairy sector and to look at the best way to represent your benefits of a PLM solution with it being applied to this case study.

Let’s take the example of the French industrial specializing in desserts grouped under the name “Yoghurt”. In this industry, there are many ingredients for a product, and there is, therefore, a lot of information necessary for R&D to be calculated such as for example nutritional value and the cost.

A PLM tool therefore quickly becomes essential during the steps of design, formulation and of launching new products to accelerate and make more reliable the overall process.

Dairy sector, therefore, uses PLM for:

  • Structuring information into a single repository,
  • Quickly formulating its products,
  • Merging information concerning the ingredients and products and automatically generate notebooks of specifications, labels, etc.,
  • Optimizing the traceability and quality of innovation and production processes of its products
  • Accelerating the development and marketing of its products.

Dairy sector – listed below are some examples of the benefits of this PLM’s uses:

  • Automation and structuring processes,
  • Single entry of information,
  • Automatic generation of documentation (product, ingredients, allergens, labels, etc.),
  • Management and monitoring of nonconformities suppliers and customer’s complaints,
  • Cost containment,
  • Reduced time-to-market,
  • Etc.

We must also pay attention to some practical points:

  • User profiles are varied and the software interface should be easy to use and adapted to different professions (R&D, Marketing, Quality, etc.)
  • To increase productivity, the solution must be open to the outside and communicate with other applications of your IT (ERP, MES, CRM, etc.)
  • To facilitate the export of goods, the solution should allow the industry to translate all documentation into any language
  • Dashboards and indicators allow a global vision of its activities, monitoring of all the projects of the new product (monitoring schedules, tasks, etc.)

If you would you like to explore the case study of a PLM dedicated to the optimization of the innovation and production of an industrial in the dairy sector, then click here.

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