To edit your Safety Data Sheets, think PLM

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  • August 9, 2017

As mentioned in my last article, which referred to the rules governing a Safety Data Sheet, all products composed of chemical substances or mixtures considered to be hazardous must be accompanied by Safety Data Sheets. Each manufacturer is also required to submit a risk assessment report on the products it supplies.

As required by REACH, the Safety Data Sheet must be provided in the language of the country where the substance or mixture is placed on the market. The attached exhibition scenarios are also to be provided in the language of the country.

Confronted by its customers with the many problems and regulations related to product safety, Lascom has been able to adapt its PLM solution and thus automatically generate the Safety Data Sheets according to their chemical characteristics previously informed in the application.

By implementing simple processes and predefined and pre-recorded templates, you can quickly generate the evaluation report and the safety record in any language. No need to waste time with a translation software. In a single “click” you choose the language (s) in which you want your record to be translated, validate and generate it automatically.

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