Industry Trends of 2017

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  • June 12, 2017
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Consumers of this generation have been changing increasingly from the past generations. And the following trends have been becoming more and more apparent in recent years and will continue in the next.

Shopping has become a social activity, with it becoming increasingly common to go shopping with friends and family. They also look for creativity in food items as well as other products and are more inclined to trying something new unless convinced otherwise. This generation wants child-friendly and eco-friendly as well as exotic and creative.

Therefore, here are a few trends that CPG will be following in order to remain connected with the new generation of shoppers:

  1. With this generation being completely immersed in technology and it becoming faster, the mentality of “now” especially when it comes to food. And although they want fresh food they don’t always have time to cook therefore bringing more importance to convenient food options.
  2. Promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility. This combination will attract consumers who want products that help them in their efforts to help the planet. They want companies that implement sustainability throughout the entire creation chain from suppliers to manufacturing and transport. Which will give an edge to local companies and industries.
  3. Bringing luxury items to affluent consumers at affordable prices. Each industry has been slowly developing this aspect in order to reach more audiences whether for food items such as salmon and truffle oil or smartphones and computers. Today’s generation wants higher quality at reasonable prices.
  4. Added benefits to the products they use. Just as I discussed in a previous article, upcycling has been becoming increasingly popular. The ability for a product to do more than one thing is a large benefit to the product in comparison to a product that only does one thing.

And this has also been noticed with food products as well. Where the packaging will advertise increased health and energy. Increased physical balance and mental welfare. Such as shown on cereal bars or superfruit drinks.

  1. People want to know what is in their food. As food items and other products become more and more evolved people want to know more and more what it is exactly that they are buying. But more than that, they also want to know where it is the food is coming from, giving an advantage to locally produced products.
  2. The importance of the product looking good. As the trend to showcase what the consumer eats or uses increases on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, the photogenic aspect of the product will also become increasingly important.

This generation of consumers are “visual eaters”. Where food preparation has become an increasingly sought after activity. This has been noticeably seen with the number of videos online of people preparing food in a way other consumers can recreate it the meal as well as the increase of products designed with plate appeal that matches the picture on the packaging.

The evolution of CPG reflects its consumers and has to continue to do as such in order to remain connected with their consumers. 2017 will be moving towards better products at lower prices in an attempt to content as many consumers as possible.

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