A PLM is also a solution to transform your business

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  • November 15, 2016

The world is changing, that’s a fact. Whether they are economists, industrialists or analysts, many see the current crisis as a profoundly altered “revolution” driven by ICTs that will force companies to review their positions, activities and strategies (for example, how the media took over the term “uberization”). Many have already passed a first course, and the change is probably not soon to stop.

In the face of these changes, it’s the companies that know the best and the quickest way to adapt to the new constraints that come from removing themselves from the game. Adaptability and agility, therefore become paramount criteria. It is necessary to know how to innovate, to question the acquired knowledge and the methods, to put in place new tools … The question must be asked constantly: what solutions will enable me to solve the problems I meet today and those that will arrive tomorrow?

At Lascom, the vision we have of a PLM tool is above all else a solution to drive innovation and developments that impact products, projects, and the company. This is what we bring to our customers, whether they are large industrial accounts, innovative companies, engineering companies on critical projects, etc.

Having a business PLM solution tailored to your business is not just better managing your products, it’s transforming your way of working and your business to be more efficient and adapt to the upheavals in progress. It’s being able to tell you: Everything changes.

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