Mass Computing your Product Portfolio

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  • August 9, 2016
Product portfolio management

Changes on products are constantly happening. From the repackaging of a product, adding a promotion to giving away or changing suppliers. And because prices in the food sector are particularly volatile, they require being regularly updated to continue to fit the economy and the market.

In the conventional manufacturing world, changing suppliers goes without modifying the product. All you need is to specify the characteristics of the part that is associated with the supplier that changes. However, in the food industry, changing the supplier will often alter the recipe of a product because the characteristics- nutritional, risks and allergens- of the new part from the new supplier will be slightly different since the taste of food changes with where the food comes from. It could even alter the entire product portfolio if that supplier provides for multiple products.

Similarly, changes in commodity of the prices is not just reflected in the price of the final product, due to the major changes that will be experienced by the subject.

In this respect the modification file is fully integrated in the Lascom CPG revenue. Thus, the modification performed on a product is not just made up of an impact assessment and a replacement of the product followed, but  by all the impacted revenue.

Whether from a raw material change or from a recalculation of prices in the repository, the formulation tool of Lascom CPG can be fully automated to recalculate in background all the revenues that will be impacted by any changes.

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