Facilitating Collaboration Between Manufacturers and Suppliers

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  • August 2, 2016
Facilitating the exchange between manufacturers and suppliers.

Exchanges between manufacturers and suppliers are numerous and sometimes very complex. Which is why communicating and interacting with them is so essential. This collaboration requires a much more elaborate formalism -especially when it comes to data exchange around one or more products.

Several types of software are positioning themselves on this issue of collaboration, but the PLM technology has the advantage of providing an industrial supplier portal while ensuring the link with the whole product cycle. Thus suppliers and manufacturers (or distributors) have a collaborative space that allows them to develop the specifications of each new product or raw material, which can then be capitalized for the remainder of the cycle.

With this portal, the information entered into the system is deported directly to the source. The information and specifications are therefore better controlled, verified and traced. This collaboration space helps clarify and facilitate communication between manufacturers or retailers and their suppliers.

The supplier portal will allow:

  • The launch of the collaborative process
  • The validation of specifications
  • The tracing of exchanges between the client and the supplier
  • The import of information from the repository
  • And the creation of data sheet models

To learn more on the supplier portal, please click here: Supplier Portal

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