PLM: A Tool to Manage Your Projects

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  • June 22, 2016
PLM provides a global view of your project.

Whether it be in the world of food or more generally the products of large consumption, managing a project requires the ability to control, note, analyze, and even correct the multiple aspects of that project. Within that idea, PLM is positioned as an operational tool to drive daily tasks and decisions related to the development of products and projects.

It will allow you to analyze the information in order to propose and push actions, prioritize value-added projects and abandon those who have none. PLM helps to build dashboards but also helps to have a global vision of projects.

Here are a few examples:

  • In the food production framework, it is used to create recipes and simulate the products within the constraints and prices defined with a formulation tool.
  • In the managing of tenders, it is simply used to compare the various tenders and to select easily the combination produced/adapted for provider, facilitate exchanges and control response times.
  • In the management of health alerts, it automatically detects and analyzes the products affected by the item in order to remove them from the market and implement corrective and preventative actions.
  • In the management of documentation, it automatically generates the documents associated with the products (answers to specifications, specifications…).
  • In project management, it monitors the progress of tasks and actions but also adapts to the next actions, monitors your portfolio, etc.

You now understand that controlling a project isn’t just to content yourself with passive information, but to analyze and propose the actions that need to be realized in order to make better the decisions. Your information gains all its value once it is related to processes, tasks and decisions.

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