Is INCO regulation only a costly and time-consuming constraint?

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  • July 28, 2015

Consider the new regulation as an opportunity.

Consumers increase their level of information. This Regulation protects consumer health by establishing common rules on food information. Consumer information is enhanced and reinforced by making nutrition labeling mandatory, by reinforcing any cases in which the origin must be indicated, and by specifying rules for information legibility as well as rules of fair practice regarding labeling, etc. This text also reinforces consumer safety by requiring allergen labeling for non-prepackaged food.

Consumers are now more aware of their consumption. They could decide by themselves, with full knowledge of facts, which product to eat – in particular concerning allergens and nutritional information or for specific diets such as diabetic and gluten-free diets. Manufacturers and retailers, displaying more accurate information, will legitimate higher prices. There is a potential for products / ranges / menus with higher added value.

Due to food recent scandals, it is also important to get consumers’ trust back. Playing by the rules and adding required information on the label becomes one of the best ways to actually sell products.

Finally, the new E.U. regulation will stimulate departments’ collaboration within companies. Quality and marketing teams will be strongly encouraged working together and exchanging more information about products, projects and processes.

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