Manage customers’ complaints

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  • July 22, 2015

By speaking out when they believe they have not received their money’s worth, consumers give businesses an opportunity to correct the immediate problem and restore goodwill. Experience shows that consumers who complain about products and services continue to frequent the businesses and buy the products they complain about if they believe the complaint was resolved fairly.

When consumers send a complaint to retailers, they expect a follow-up with some sort of claim traceability.

When retailers report to suppliers, they not only expect the problem to be resolved but also that it not occur again. To set up an action plan, consumers’ complaints are categorized according to type of issue, their critically and their likelihood to reoccur to prioritize the HACCP correction.

The results of a U.S. survey showed that unhappy customers have a negative effect on a business.

  • About half the time, customers who have a problem with a product are not likely to tell the company about it.
  • 9 on 10 of these “silent critics” will probably take their future business to a competitor.
  • Dissatisfied customers typically tell between 7 to 9 other people about an unsatisfactory experience with a company.
  • Negative information has twice the impact of positive information on purchasing decisions.
  • Word-of-mouth is one of the most important factors influencing a customer’s decision to buy from a company.

Complaints offer businesses an opportunity to correct immediate problems. In addition, they frequently provide constructive ideas for improving products, adapting marketing practices, upgrading services, or modifying promotional material and product information. While occasional problems with service of merchandise are, to some extent, inevitable, dissatisfied customers are not. Companies can learn to recover from mistakes. A good recovery can turn angry, frustrated customers into loyal ones.

Considering these facts, an effective customers’ complaint management is crucial.

Lascom solution provides a CCM assistant to help businesses with customers’ complaints and non conformances. It automatically starts corrective actions process and allows companies to follow mentioned issues and identify progress through a structured path.

Once acquitted each customer complaint triggers highly automated workflows to alert various stakeholders, to capture potential related cost and support the tracking of the resolution.
All participants are informed of the work in progress – containment and corrective actions for instance – until the problem is actually closed.

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