Use INCO to anticipate further regulations such as FSMA

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  • July 14, 2015

plm and regulation compliance

The U.S. is in the process of establishing its own changes to labeling laws. In February 2014, the FDA, whose mission includes protecting and promoting public health by supervising and regulating food safety, partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama and introduced the new proposed food labels.

The new labels are expected to establish common rules on food and beverage product information, helping consumers to make healthier choices within the broad range of options available in today's marketplace. A concerted effort has also been made to present information that reflects current trends. With larger portions the norm, the suggestion is to update calorie counts to account for today's “real life” servings. Other modifications include a clearer display of added sugars and other components such as vitamins and allergens.

This new labeling is part of a more general plan known as the FSMA. FSMA first discussions began in 2011 and are still on-going. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was allocated an additional $27.5 million for food safety activities, and, under the president's budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, the agency would get another $109.5 million to help implementing the act.

While the FDA and European labels are different, reflecting local specificities, both are focused on better legibility, more comprehensive information, and specific nutrient information (saturated and trans fats, added sugars, etc.) There is also an increased emphasis on presentation and design, with the ongoing goal of making information more accurate, more relevant, and easier to understand in order to be helpful rather than simply adding to consumers' information overload. The importance of secure, updated and reliable information is not to demonstrate. This issue is even more crucial since INCO.

Many companies already choose document management software to easily gather all information, data and documents about products in a single repository. Lascom not only provide a unique repository shared by all participants regarding their access rights, providing a “single version of the truth” but also offer an effective formulation module. With the formulation module, R&D teams manage recipes (creation, updates, etc.) automate nutrition facts calculation, generate ingredients statement, allergens and specifications. This module had been updated to fit the new INCO regulation. Manufacturers are now able to automatically generate labeling taking into account not only new INCO requirements but also multi lingual issues to ease international corporations to better manage their product portfolio and ranges.

Food and beverage companies are often limited by a lack of visibility across the supply chain, which delays the ability to leverage sourcing relationships. In addition, manual processes of soliciting specification data from suppliers are lengthy and prone to error.

Lascom provides the framework to manage suppliers and sourcing relationships as far upstream in the supply chain as needed. Then ERP can use the product truth (product data that has been determined in a PLM system) to help Food and Beverage companies manage production resources and financials among other business activities.
Composed of business module and fairly intuitive, Lascom CPG offers a packaged solutions to best fit Food and Beverage companies.

plm and regulation compliance

Lascom CPG had been updated to facilitate marketing, R&D and quality teams' daily tasks :

  • Compulsory new INCO regulation requirements on labeling are automatically generated
  • Costs are automatically calculated, optimizing formula and raw material uses
  • Documentation and certifications required by INCO regulation are attached to dedicated products or raw material
  • Better collaboration between teams makes product management and new
    product development process more efficient. Marketing teams are in
    charge of the initial specifications, and then R&D ensures the specs
    are compatible and finally, Quality professionals analyze change
    impacts and attach documentation to products.

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