Snack forecast for 2015

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  • January 27, 2015

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According to the well-known Datamonitor Consumer, midnight cereal breaks, energy enhancer sports snacks and on-the-go breakfast replacements are trendy for 2015.
Differently from previous years, the 2015 snack market will be shaped by occasions. “There’s always going to be flavor innovation or fortification with ingredients and new types of products but key to growth will be making people purchase products and consume them at a time they haven’t considered before,” told Mark Whalley, head of food and drink at Datamonitor Consumer.




Breakfast occasion

Majority of people still eat breakfast, but snack manufacturers must consider local habits while developing new products for those who skip it. The first meal of the day is less flexible in terms of flavor, texture or smell changes. The biggest breakfast-skipping countries are the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand but Americans tended to eat yogurts as a snack if they skipped breakfast versus UK consumers who were more likely to turn to fruit for instance.

While working out

People who exercise more, eat snacks because they require more calories to fuel their lifestyle. Manufacturers developing innovative new products for sports purposes often formulate protein enriched snacks to better fit their consumers’ needs.

To improve work efficiency

Consumers are worried about fatigue and afternoon efficiency decrease. More people are consuming snacks and beverage to help them remain active and energetic. Caffeine-based snacks are perfectly shaped for this occasion of consumption.

Indulgence of sweet-tooth before night break

“Indulge yourself” is a famous mojo for companies and after lunch/before night is the occasion when people consume sweet snacks the most. Bites, bars, ice creams, creamy yogurts, confectionary, each segment has their comforter products.

General trends

More vegetables

Compared to
the nine out of 10 consumers that snacked on fruit, vegetable snacking still
had room for growth. Raw, spiced, cut, prepared, mixed, vegetables are the
rising star of 2015 snacks. 

More convenient packages

Industry needs to become more convenient in terms of packaging. Some efforts have already been made; brands offer pouches and easy-to-handle packages. Packages will be a key point in snacks not only regarding convenience but also in technology (conservation, temperature etc.) and more important, in information to consumers.

For many companies, more than 50% of turnover comes from NPD. Companies recognize the importance of technology to transform their business and help them to better manage new product development and launching. Having an overview of different aspects (schedules, resources, budgets …) in food management projects is essential to manage the risks and carry out new projects.

Lascom provides PLM solutions to better fit food industries and retailers needs with:

  • An efficient formulation tool; R&D teams are able to better manage product formulation creating new products from scratch or using existing formula. Costs, weight, allergens, risks and specifications are automatically calculated
  • A centralized repository; the company benefits from a “single version of the truth” accessible with customized access rights
  • A quality module; it attaches certifications and documentation to products and raw material to assist in recalls and audit processes. It also helps manufacturers to comply with local and global regulations such as new INCO or coming FDA changes on labeling.

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