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  • November 25, 2014

Connected devices appear to be the new trend on which many industrials bet on. As the market will reach $5billion next year, it is a real opportunity for companies to position themselves on this new trend.

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After 15 years of development, connected devices are finally accessible to mass market

Connected objects have existed for a long time and industries have constantly used them, but the difference is that now they are accessible to the masses. According to Havas Médias-CSA, 80% end users know the connected device concept and understand their benefits.
Our daily habits of being always connected using Smartphone has opened the home electronic bundle to the average consumer. Once devices are connected to the box, users are able to manage the entire household (home security, energy consumption, lights etc.). Wireless technologies make home electronic solutions accessible to everyone at affordable prices.

The quantified-self concept

Demography (aging people), social (growing interest in health & well-being) and technology merged to allow self-quantified creation to be created and to find a market.
Indeed, the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health published a survey showing that connected devices help in nutritional education twice as much as e-mails or talks.
Connected scales, bracelets, blood pressure monitor are devices assisting people in well-being. By measuring distances, food consumption, quantify and value results; these devices coach the user to adapt with a better diet and lifestyle.

The e-health

Connected devices are going even further by helping people not only in personal care and well-being but in general health

connected devices - Lascom

Connected devices for the food and health market are booming. Growth is just at the edge of a new technologic revolution. It is understandable that new manufacturers are rushing to enter the market segment. Lascom CPG provides a complete software assisting manufacturers with time to market effectiveness and product portfolio management. NPD becomes easier with the formulation tool where project teams can evaluate costs and associated risks while following product advancement. A central repository offers a “single version of the truth” to all participants and facilitates new product launches.

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