FDA's new sanitary rules about food transportation

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  • August 7, 2014

food transportation new rules

Food safety and sanitary requirements are becoming tighter and food companies have to comply with numerous regulations. Recently, the FDA proposed a  new rule to reinforce standards on logistics and supply chain operations regarding food transportation. Shippers, carriers, and receivers with more than  $500,000 in annual sales will be impacted if they carry food for US consumption.

“This proposed rule will help reduce the likelihood of conditions during transportation that can lead to human or animal illness or injury,” said Michael R.  Taylor, the FDA's deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine.



Rules addition about food transportation to FSMA regulation

FDA proposes additional rules to the current FSMA regulation to secure food consumption on US territory either from US production or from overseas production. The main goal of the proposed rule is to prevent food safety risks practices. Refrigeration and tough cold chain respect, appropriate packaging and truck cleaning are three major aspects highlighted by this new FDA rule.

FDA suggests implementing preventive controls requirements for human and animal food, and standards for product safety. Another point is to set up a foreign supplier verification program for importers, including a plan conducted by US certification bodies, to ensure food safety audits and issue certifications of foreign facilities.

How much will the new rule cost the food industry?

Approximately 83,000 businesses will be affected. The total annual cost for the food industry to comply with the rule is estimated to be over $30 million.

How to control the new FDA rule compliance?

To ensure compliance of new FDA rules, reports must be produced by carriers and shippers on transportation equipment cleaning, prior cargos, and temperature control. Maintenance and update of processes should also be considered.

Complying with this new FDA rule is cost and time consuming for food businesses. An efficient PLM solution could significantly help them to set up good practices and maintain processes with no pain. Lascom CPG offers food businesses a web based solution, to help complying with regulations. Users can even set up sanitary alerts to look for any issues and adapt processes. Please click here if you want to know more about our solutions.



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