Being innovative is not only having a great idea

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  • July 25, 2014

At 2014 NRA Show (THE INTERNATIONAL FOODSERVICE MARKETPLACE), in Chicago last month, I discovered many new trends and products.

To quote a few:

Neat® offers a new 100% veggie, soy free, gluten free meat alternative

This new product is great for intolerant or allergic consumers. Most companies know they have to enter this new market, but need to do so carefully. This innovation also surfs on the vegetarian wave. Consumers are more reluctant to eat meat than before due to recent scandals, rising cost and health concerns.

Schmacon® is delicious crispy bacon made of beef instead of pork

A growing portion of population does not eat pork based products due to religious concerns. Innovating on this niche market allows companies to gain new consumer. Companies can increase revenue by focusing on consumers’ very precise needs.

Ice beer® responds to consumer needs and wants to have a foamy fresh beer

Most of the concepts and products at the NRA are very innovative. The purpose of being innovative is obviously to stand out from competition. To be innovative in these concepts, it is important for these manufacturers have strategic tools.

Precursor on this market, Lascom developed a PLM solution dedicated to food industry and food service professionals. Companies are able to formulate new products faster, collaborate more effectively between teams and reduce time to market. These advantages are truly competitive considering a harsh marketplace.

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