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Product Information Folder (PIF)

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  • June 19, 2017

Ever since the application of the new European Regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, cosmetics professionals have been obliged to provide the Product Information Folder (PIF) for each cosmetic product placed on the market and destined for consumption.
The manufacturer, distributor or person responsible for the placing on the market shall be obliged to make available to competent authorities (such as ANSM, the Directorate General of Health or the DGCCRF) the PIF, as well as the Risk assessment of the product.

What should the PIF include?

The PIF includes all the elements considered to be of primary importance to the consumer and which may have an impact on his / her health: namely the identity of the product, the precaution of use, the list of ingredients … and also the possible negative effects.

It consists of many chapters whose information is provided internally or recovered from suppliers and partners such as:

  • A description of the cosmetic product making it possible to establish a clear link between the information folder and the cosmetic product concerned,
  • The report on the safety of the cosmetic product containing at least the following elements: Information on the cosmetic product (quantitative and qualitative formula, physico-chemical specifications, microbiological specifications …)
  • The evaluation of the safety of the cosmetic product (conclusion of the evaluation, warnings and instructions of use …)
  • The references of the person responsible for evaluating and approving the safety assessment
  • A description of the manufacturing method and a statement of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Evidence of the claimed effect of the cosmetic product
  • Data relating to the development or assessment of safety

If it appears that a cosmetic product placed on the market presents a risk to human health, the manufacturer or the person responsible for placing it on the market must immediately inform the authorities and specify the preventive and corrective measures to be adopted.

Thanks to our Lascom CPG business solution, you have a tool capable of managing all your product data. You will be able to automatically create the product information folder and manage all the information related to your cosmetic products: physico-chemical specifications, microbiological, control plans, product formulation, constrained formulation (regulations and customers), nonconformity management …

This is an increasingly important document for a market that wants traceability and transparency on the products that they consume. To learn more about the PIF and how Lascom CPG can help with product data management click here

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